2020 Participant Email #1

Thanks for registering for the 11th annual Trail Run At Indian Lake!
Please read the following for a successful race weekend and feel free to email with questions.

Virtual/Time Trial Run Format:

  • Map link to ILCP shelter/parking: https://goo.gl/maps/Wgj9QmFKgwqtHWK56
  • The Trailhead Arch by the main parking lot serves as the Start/Finish line.
  • The 5.9 mile course at Indian Lake County Park will be marked primarily with pin flags as well as arrow signs at key turns (mi/km are not marked). 
  • Runners can complete the marked course between Friday Oct 2 at noon until Sunday Oct 4 at 5pm.
  • Using a watch or timer, record your time on course. (See course notes below.)
  • Take some selfies to share!
  • Results (and photos) can be submitted via Google Form at this link: https://forms.gle/keRjRUBjoCrrieGG8 (A reminder email with link will be sent on Sunday.) Official results will be posted early next week.

Important Reminders:

  • Please follow Dane County physical distancing guidelines.
  • Please be respectful of other park users.
  • Off-leash dogs may be present in the dog exercise area. Please be aware of other users.
  • This is a self-supported virtual event! Please bring your own food and water. There will not be aid stations!
  • Run within your abilities! There are lots of hills, roots, and rocks on the course – be careful!
  • The pit toilets adjacent to the parking lot will be open and are being sanitized at least daily.
  • SWAG (for those who ordered neck gaiters) will be sent out via USPS. Stay tuned for a shipping update.

Course Notes:

  • Course map: http://friendsofindianlake.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/TRAIL_10K.pdf
  • The 2020 course is similar to classic 7K and 12K routes, but with modifications. Longtime ILTRs: follow course markings!
  • Start at the Trailhead Arch, facing the main parking lot.
  • Head north towards the parking lot/Hwy 19
  • Loop (clockwise) around the parking lot and down driveway.
  • The trail along the north side of the lake will be muddy. Unless we get mowing equipment in, there will be 1/2 mile here that is overgrown but passable. This is trail running!
  • Use caution going around the lot by the dog exercise area. *Off-leash dogs may be present in the dog exercise area*
  • The real hills start around 2.4 mi.
  • Hairpin turn around mile 2.8.
  • There is a left turn onto an unmarked singletrack trail around mile 3.0. This will be flagged and signed, and was part of the course in prior years.
  • Runners encounter Confusion Corner at mile 3.5 and again at mile 5.0. Stay Right! (Longtime ILTRs: this intersection follows a different pattern than past years)
  • The meadow path from mile 4.5-4.8 has several notable rodent holes hidden on the path. 
  • Finish: finish line is the Trailhead Arch, heading towards the parking lot.
  • Strava users: links to the ROUTE and SEGMENT. (Non-Strava users disregard!)

I am excited that we are able to pull this event together and thrilled to have such support from the commuity on short notice. I hope you enjoy the T.R.A.I.L. at the absolute best time of year to be out there. Be safe and have fun!