Course maps

2020 Virtual Course (~10km) 

The virtual course strikes a middle ground between our traditional 7K and 12K courses, while keeping the best elements of both. The race starts off fast along cross-country style grass paths before hitting the hills in earnest in the woods. Long time participants will notice some slight course changes from previous years (to better accommodate the virtual nature of this year’s event) – so check the map, watch for course markings, and don’t go on autopilot late in the race! Also remember:

  • This year’s event is SELF-SUPPORTED! Bring your own food and water and run within your limits! We know trail running is all about the rocks and roots, so be careful out there.
  • “Confusion Corner” is probably the trickiest part of the course. Just watch for signs and stay right!
  • The dog exercise area (west end of the course) will be open and there may be off-leash dogs present. Please be aware of your surroundings. Also worth considering:
  • Maybe do your virtual run/time trial at off-peak times? Get out there early and beat the crowds. Either way, be respectful of other park users!

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(Prior course descriptions and maps listed below for reference.)

1K course

The kids’ 1k course is a gentle loop on grassy trails. Just right for getting kids hooked on exploring the beautiful trails at Indian Lake County Park. We also have a 100-yard dash for smaller kids. Parents, feel free to join youngsters either as an event in itself or a warmup for the 7k and 12k.

7K course

The 7k course loops around Indian Lake on grassy trails, which provide wonderful views of the park and surrounding valley. After a hard climb into the wooded hills and fast descent, runners head for the finish.

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12K course

The 12k course has a little bit of everything. Training for Black Hawk Ridge? Ready to take on a longer trail challenge? Run Indian Lake’s rolling hills over a mix of singletrack, rough-hewn grassy trail, and double-wide ski trails. Want to turn on the jets? It’s not all hills. There’s a relatively flat half-mile stretch near the end where you can show off your speedwork.

Download (PDF, 1.11MB)