June 2
 Oct 6
 Oct 21
Donald Dash
Blue Mound
Indian Lake
Black Hawk Ridge
McCarthy Park
5k / 15k
10k / 19k
7k / 12k
8k / 16k
canceled for 2017
PRIZES For 2017, 81 runners completed the series, and 32 finished all four races.
RAFFLE Daithi Wolfe won the grand raffle prize of a free entry to all 2018 series races. Runners also received honey, EVP travel mugs and certificates, books and CDs, prairie and savanna seed from our parks, beeswax candles, and a 2017 Savanna series sticker.
2017 PARTICIPATION  Final participation list after Black Hawk Ridge.
2017 RANKINGS  Final series rankings after Black Hawk Ridge.
SERIES AWARDS 2017 rankings are based on a runner’s best three performances. Congratulations to top series runners Claire Luby, Madeline Harms, and Janet Van Zoeren. Claire won three races for a percent back of 0, a perfect score. For men, honors go to Joe Sepe, John Cole, and Ryan Rysewyk. Joe’s percent back was 0.2. John Hayes finished in 4th only 0.1 percent behind 3rd.
Thank you for supporting these groups with your race participation! Together we’re working to conserve Dane County’s natural heritage.
Friends of Donald Park
Friends of Blue Mound State Park
Friends of Indian Lake
Natural Heritage Land Trust
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