Race FAQ

** Check back soon for 2021 FAQs **

2020 FAQs:

How does this virtual run thing work?

  • Participants will run the ~10km marked course at Indian Lake County Park anytime between midday on Friday Oct 2 through evening on Sunday Oct 4.
  • Use the supercomputer on your wrist or in your pocket to communicate with orbiting satellites so you can precisely track your time and distance.
  • Remember, this is an unsupported event so you’ll need to bring water, food, and whatever other support you’ll need.
  • Runners will be given instructions how to report their race time for inclusion in the official results.
  • Please follow Dane County physical distancing guidelines and be respectful of other trail users who may not expect someone to come barreling down the path full speed.

Race Distance and Course

For the Virtual event this year, we will have just one course/distance to simply route-finding on the unstaffed course. The 10K course will be aggressively flagged from midday Friday through Sunday evening.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

No-Frills, Low-Cost.

Because of the pandemic, we can’t put on the great community celebration we look forward to every year. But it does allow us to keep costs way down. We hope that’s a compelling reason to stay engaged with the Trail Run At Indian Lake and consider an additional donation to the Friends of Indian Lake.


We do have an opt-in SWAG: custom neck gaiters featuring a stylized topo map of Indian Lake County Park! We will do our best to have these delivered as close to race day as possible. **Swag will be mailed to participants.**

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Aid Stations? Bathrooms?! After-party???

This is an unsupported event this year! There will not be aid stations or first aid on the course. Bring your own hydration! You are all adventurous trail runners and are up for this challenge! 

Bathrooms: the vault-style toilets (adjacent to the parking lot) will be open. The County is sanitizing these at least daily.

Obviously, no after-party. We will have The Currach Trio on repeat all weekend and strongly suggest you do the same!

Where are Jeff and John? And more importantly: will you still raffle off toaster ovens and George Foreman grills?

Jeff and John, after ten years of organizing this iconic event, are looking to focus on other projects to benefit Indian Lake County Park through their involvement with the Friends of Indian Lake. 

I (Pete Witucki) wanted to keep this event going and give back to the local running community. I also have directed the Prairie Chase (benefiting the Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy) the last three years. I’ve run ILTR many times (and even came within 2 sec of winning it once… cue: “Glory Days”), so I’m invested in maintaining this great tradition!

As for the kitchen appliances… 2020 is going to be a virtual/no-frills/low-cost event to raise some money for the Friends, get out on the trails, and keep everyone safe. We’re hoping to be back the SWAG in 2021 and welcome any sponsorship offers!

Hey.. is this still ILTR? Why are you calling it Trail Run At Indian Lake?

This is the same event! Just with a new Race Director and unplanned changes to the format because of this global pandemic. All of the proceeds continues to support the Friends of Indian Lake and their efforts to restore habitat and maintain the excellent trails.

But good catch on the name. Many organizations, companies, and events are finally becoming aware of the negative impacts of cultural appropriation and indigenous mascots and names on historically marginalized communities. Granted “Indian Lake” in our event name is a placename, referencing the county park and the lake, but it is reasonable to de-emphasize the (incredibly non-specific) reference while we brainstorm other ideas for our event. In the meantime, it’s a clever acronym!